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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I have more than the 25 kids at the party?

If it’s for the 3-6 age group, I can offer a show-only package. More than 25 kids would make the balloon animal segment too long and kids would get frustrated waiting for a balloon. The show would be extended an extra 10 minutes (45 minute performance). The fee would remain the same.

For the older package (7 and older) there is no maximum. After the initial 15 bags that come with the package, additional bags are available for $3 each.

What if I have a group that has a mix of ages?

The show can be adapted to include children of both age groups. If there is a majority of one of the age groups, I will suggest either the balloon animals & goodie bags or the magic class with goodie bags.

Do you perform outdoors?

My policy is that I will do shows outside as long as there’s a suitable indoor space available in case of bad weather. Appearances can’t be cancelled due to bad weather.

Do you require a deposit upfront?

Not for birthday parties. Once I get the required information via e-mail, I send a reply and that will serve as confirmation.

What’s your cancellation policy?

I understand if a party has to cancelled due to illness or severe weather such as snow. I only ask that the parents attempt to reschedule at a later date that works for both parties.

I see you perform as a clown doctor in the hospital. Do you perform as a clown at other events?

No. I don’t appear at other events in make-up. My Mister Barry character is quite animated and kids often come up and tell me I’m a clown or like “Mr. Bean”.

What do I do with the kids when they first arrive at the party?

Moon Bounces are a great idea, if the weather cooperates. A great craft idea, is to buy some plastic top hats at the local craft store as well as some adhesive-backed foam letters and numbers. Have the kids decorate their own magic hats that they can take home with them. It’s a great no mess craft and the kids can do a group photo wearing their creations!

How come you don’t have your prices listed on your website?

There are a number of factors concerning pricing (travel time, weekday or weekend, type of package, etc.) When I get all the information concerning the event, I can give you the correct price.

What do I need to do on my end to prepare for your performance?

I can perform in many different locations such as living rooms, and basements. I don’t require a lot of space. I’m more concerned that the kids are comfortable. For ages 3-6, I prefer to have them sitting on the floor in front of me. Older kids can either sit on the floor or on sofas and chairs. Before the performance begins, it would be great to have any toys put away and anything else that might be a distraction, such as pets. I would also suggest that no snacks be served during the performance. The only thing I require is a chair to set one of my prop bags on. I only need a few minutes to set up my show.

What’s specifically is in the goodie bags?

There are two different goodie bags. The more deluxe one is for the package with the magic class. No candy is included in the bags. For a description of the contents as well as a picture of the contents, just e-mail me a request and I’ll send it right out.

When is the best time to have you do your performance during the party?

I’ve been scheduled near the start of the party as well as being the next to last thing (cake). It’s really up to you. If you want the party to start with the entertainment, I suggest scheduling my appearance 15 to 30 minutes after the official start of the party to allow time for all your guests to arrive.

How far in advance should I book you?

I typically book parties 2 weeks to a couple of months in advance. The earlier you book, the best choice of times will be available. However, I do occasionally book last minute performances depending on my schedule. Summer camp appearances are usually booked at the beginning of the year.