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Birthday Packages – Ages 7 years and older


Mister Barry’s Magic
& Comedy Show

A 35 minute magic & comedy show that is perfectly suited for the older kids that crave something more than the silly magic and bits they’ve seen at countless birthday parties. This show contains eye-popping sleight-of-hand magic mixed with an improvisational wit that makes each performance a one-of-a-kind event. The birthday child will experience magic right in their very own hands just like they’ve seen on TV. There’s plenty of photo opportunities that will lead to lasting memories.

Mister Barry’s Magic
Teach-In & Goodie Bags

After the show Mister Barry presents a 15-minute magic class. Cool tricks are taught that are age appropriate and easy to master. This segment has been super popular with this age group. Each child takes home a deluxe goodie bag containing items used in the tricks that are taught as well as some fun items.

Total time- Approx. 50 minutes
The package comes with 15 goodie bags included.
Additional bags can be ordered for $3 each.


What they are saying about Mister Barry…

“Amazed the adults as well as the kids. Just the right recipe of silliness and ‘how DID he do that?'”
Mrs. Kaufman  N.W. Washington, D.C.


“The kids really enjoyed the show as well as the adults.  Mister Barry was well worth the cost in terms of fun, entertainment, and excitement.  We will gladly use his services again in the future!”
Mr. & Mrs. Lee  Northern VA


“…I did not tell him in advance about my little daughter’s birthday (he only knew about my 7 year old) and he made the point of including her in something special. Great show!”
Ms. Rebaudengo   Potomac, MD


“His (Mister Barry’s) performance is far superior to shows I’ve seen at other children’s parties.  Mister Barry’s humor and polished style made the performance fun for adults and children of all ages.  Everyone present was fascinated and amazed by his magic as well as entertained by his witty remarks.”
D. Dupont   N.W. Washington D.C.


“We’ve paid more, but never have we gotten as good a show.  Mister Barry had both the kids and parents in stitches.”
The Strutters Family   Southern Maryland


“Respectful towards the children.  Didn’t seem to be “on automatic pilot.””
Mr. Verheij  Bethesda, MD


“My 7 year old is still talking about her best birthday ever. She and her friends have been practicing the magic tricks they learned. It was great fun for old and young alike!”
Susan Stoney  Reston, VA


“A week later my daughter (11 years old) is still thanking me. She said it was the best party she has ever had or  has been to and it’s all because of “The Magician”.
Laura Evans  Alexandria, VA


“Believe it or not, he (Mister Barry) was able to keep the attention of 17 ten year olds- no mean feat!! They loved it!!”
Dee Koutris Oakton, VA


“He (Mister Barry) was very entertaining and kept the entire group of 9 year olds in complete attention including 2 five year old boys that did not move the entire show! The birthday girl and her friends loved learning the tricks.”
Lisa Sansaver  N.W. Washington D.C.


“For days after the party, when I ran into parents of the children attending, they told me what a big hit the magician (Mister Barry) was and how they were treated to magic shows by their children.  My daughter’s teacher told me the party was “the talk of the second grade”!”
Mrs. Mazzuchi  Fairfax, VA


“I’ve never heard kids laugh so much – they truly had a wonderful, magical time.  And the parents (who laughed as much as the kids) couldn’t believe how good Mister Barry was with the kids and how he really seemed to enjoy them and what he was doing. His material and presentation were perfectly age appropriate.”
Mrs. A. Block  Darnestown, MD


“I was laughing so hard that it was impossible to hold the camera still. The children and adults were totally enchanted with his performance.”
Ms. Debbie Grasso  Northern VA


“Mister Barry was absolutely phenonmenal!  His show definitely captured the attention of the kids and adults alike.  My guests are still talking about it!!  What’s also nice is the fact that Mister Barry incorporates humor into the act as well.  There were no slow spots.  I had guests who had bad luck with other magicians, so it was refreshing that they gave Mister Barry the ‘thumbs up’!”
Terri Tate  Upper Marlboro, MD


“A very entertaining and funny performance! Mister Barry kept the kid’s (8 year olds) attention beautifully. We especially enjoyed learning how to do several tricks!”
K. Kronzer  Silver Spring, MD


“Thank you for a WONDERFUL performance at Johnny’s party. You played perfectly to the kids AND adults- a rare balance. What a gift you have.”
Carol Bennett  Northern Virginia